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You are interested in sand yachting...

And more precisely at the Blokart, for yourself, a friend, your children or even your grandchildren?

The store will answer all the questions you may have about Blokart, this foldable sand yacht, world leader for more than 20 years now.

Are there several Blokart sand yacht models?

Blokart was born in 1999 in New Zealand and has been building there ever since. The initial idea developed by Paul Beckett, its inventor, was to design a sand yacht suitable for his whole family (he, an XXL size kiwi, his wife, small build, his daughter, disabled and Matt, his son whose appearance sportsman follows that of his father).

At the time, he had a break and wanted to be able to accommodate everyone without depriving himself...

Last detail, New Zealanders are hedonistic by nature: they favor pleasure and simplicity over constraints... The Blokart made in Kiwi sand yacht was born and has continued to conquer the whole world with specific features:

  • One and the same common design (same dimensions, same weight, same performance) with several materials and finishes.
  • Steering on the handlebars, precise, easy to handle and to pilot for children and adults alike, allowing many figures and evolutions.
  • Assembled and ready to ride in less than 5 minutes without any tools.
  • It is light (about 27kg), compact and allows you to have fun on very small terrains.
  • Its safety belt and its design allow a practice in complete safety, whatever your level.
  • Easily transportable in a bag and can be accommodated in the trunk of a sedan or a motorhome.
  • A one-design (racing rules to meet and ride together on an equal footing) simple and effective, emphasizing people and conviviality.

After 20 years of existence, more than 10,000 Blokarts sold worldwide and 5 versions of the same design, here is the latest generation of our range of foldable sand yachts: the all-stainless Blokart Pro v3.

With its polished stainless steel frame, you will reduce the cleaning and maintenance of your land yacht to a minimum.
The Blokart Pro is delivered complete with quality stainless steel parts and a brushed stainless steel floor, a flexible ultra-resistant meshgrid seat and, depending on your choice, a fiberglass, carbon or combo mast (mix Carbon and Fiber).

Choose the ideal sail surface for your practice area and your weight

With a weight of 27 kg, it is by choosing the right sail surface that you will adapt your sand yacht to the weight of the pilot. And each sail area corresponds to a mast length.

As an example and to evolve on hard beach in a wind around 10-15 knots (25km/h - Force 3/4), here are some recommendations:

  • Children, teenagers, adults up to 40 kgs, we will choose a 3m sail
  • Pilots between 50 and 85 kgs, the 4m wing is the most versatile of all
  • For the most spirited pilots (over 85kg) or for very light weather, the 5.50m wing is perfect.

Some "exceptions":

  • On sites such as La Franqui, very rolling and fed by a strong wind, we will shift the choice of the surface of a notch (2m for the less than 50 kgs, 3m for the 50-85kgs, 4m for the Heavy)
  • The use of a Shadow two-seater kit implies more weight in the Blokart and requires more power. We prefer the 5.50m sail.

Choosing your sand yachting rig

The Blokart masts have been designed in several modular parts to optimize storage but also to avoid you having to systematically re-invest in a new mast each time you want a new sail...

To understand, the 3m Blokart "standard mast" is designed in 4 parts: the Base, the 3rd, the 2nd and the head (and yes, the Neo-Zeds are upside down and count backwards...)

To obtain a 4m mast, we will assemble if necessary the Base, 2 3rd elements, the 2nd and the head, i.e. 5 elements.

The 5.50m mast will thus consist of the Base, 3 3rd elements, the 2nd and the head.

Thus, 3rd elements are commonly also referred to as 3rd extension.

Fiberglass or Carbon...

The Blokart being intended for beginners as well as expert pilots, it is basically offered with a fiberglass rig but can also receive a Combo or Full Carbon rig depending on the level of expertise of the pilot.

  • Fiberglass mast: very forgiving. It will open in the oversold and allow the overflow of power to evacuate before raising the windward wheel of your sand yacht. It acts as a "safety".
  • Combo Carbon mast: it is made up of very rigid Carbon elements at the bottom and fiberglass towards the masthead (2nd and head). It is an excellent compromise between flexibility, ease and performance. It will delight you in relaunches and long close-hauled tacks to get as close to the wind as possible while forgiving your mistakes...
  • Full Carbon mast: Composed of a Base and a 3rd in Full Carbon 900 gr/m2 and the other elements in Full Carbon 600 gr/m2, it is the ultimate rig and will transform each wind shift into powerful acceleration. It will require of you a great mastery of the balance of your sand yacht to stay stuck with the 3 wheels on the ground... But what a treat;)

Where to ride and how to get started in Blokart land yachting

Blokart is the one and only original, fun, fast and compact sailing land craft that has been conquering the world for 20 years at a breakneck pace.
Looking to share fun and good times for the whole family or looking for the adrenaline rush when you go out with friends in strong winds, alone or in competition. Blokart has it all!

Due to its compact size, a Blokart® can be used almost anywhere. From the beach to parking lots, sports and leisure areas, tennis courts, sports fields and even on ice. Here is a non-exhaustive map of the places where you can have fun with your sand yacht.

Finally, the Blokart sand yachting is a huge community, most of whose members have found in Blokart the sporting and humanistic values, the simplicity and the pleasure desired by its designer.

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Second-hand Blokart sand yacht...

Find a second-hand Blokart: the Graaaaal quest

Today, more than 1,400 to 1,500 Blokart sand yachts circulate in France (out of more than 10,000 sold worldwide).
However, it remains quite rare to find a used Blokart for sale. Indeed, its virtues and its capacity not to take up space in a garage, an attic or a closet make this sand yacht one of the many space-saving "toys" that we refuse to sell, "just in case ";)
However, here are some elements to help you find your way around the Blokart saga and over the generations and models.


Designed in New Zealand by Paul BECKETT to meet the needs of his whole family, the prototype as built is very close to the latest models produced today.

Blokart Sport (serial before 3444)

First model built in series, it was made of gray galvanized steel, seat, handlebars and footrest in stainless steel. The floors were color matched to the sail.

Recognize it:
- gray chassis color
- black seat
- rear bearing diameter 15mm
- seat locking by manual clasp
- reduced rear tube = fiber rocket of the same diameter from end to end
- strap slat retention kit
- colored floor to match the sail

Blokart Pro all stainless steel (serial numbers Sxxx)

Top-of-the-range all-stainless sand yacht model with manual seat clasp. The floors were color matched to the sail.
The rear tubes are of a larger diameter, identical to the current diameter.

Recognize it:
- entirely in stainless steel
- black seat
- rear bearing diameter 15mm
- seat locking by manual clasp
- reduced rear tube = fiber rocket of the same diameter from end to end
- strap slat retention kit
- colored floor to match the sail

Our opinion: Even from the first generations, the all-stainless Blokart Pro remains an excellent second-hand sand yacht. it will require little maintenance. However, be sure to look closely at the shape, which must remain round, of the rear tubes of the frame and the front keel. In the event of crushing, this stainless steel is malleable enough for "reforming" by hand.

Evolution of Blokart Sport and Pro

From serial number 3445 for the Blokart Sport, the diameter of the rear tubes is increased and the rear wheel axles are changed to 17mm diameter.
The floors become plain (all stainless steel). The seat clasps evolve towards the automatic system.
The frames are also redesigned and the seat mounting bar advanced. Thus, the floor is shorter.

Our opinion: the Blokart Sport after serial number 3444 are more resistant second-hand land yachts, especially at the level of the better sampled fiberglass rear wheel axles.

2007 Launch of the Blokart Classic

To help make the Blokart accessible to as many people as possible, the Blokart Classic is developed around a galvanized steel frame, front parts in galvanized steel and simpler fittings.

Blokart Classic

Entry-level Blokart (less than 2000 Euros at the time) with manual seat clasp. The floors were gray in color.
The rear tubes are of a larger diameter, identical to the current diameter.

Recognize it:
- black galvanized steel frame
- black galvanized steel keel
- footrest and handlebar in galvanized steel
- simple stainless steel fork without insert for the braking system
- black seat
- rear bearing diameter 17mm
- seat locking by manual clasp
- bungee slat retention kit
- simple cunningham
- single sheet block (white sheave)

Evolution of the Blokart Classic

Still entry-level Blokart (less than 2000 Euros at the time) with seat clasp identical to other models
The floors are still gray in color.
The rear tubes are of a larger diameter, identical to the current diameter.

Our opinion: Intended for inland practice (ie far from the salty environment) and at a call rate, it is still possible to find Blokart Classic in good condition. However, be sure to consider the oxidation and pitting of the rear tube in particular.
We also prefer the evolved version of the Blokart Classic, with the new generation seat fixing system.

2008 The Blokart Comp replaces the Blokart Sport

Faced with the increase in the cost of galvanized steel, Blokart decided to stop production of the Sport in galvanized/stainless steel for a Chrome/Molybdenum (Chromolex) model, the cost of which was more stable and the resistance better.
Chromolex is an alloy used in particular in armor and for the manufacture of light and resistant mountain bike frames.

Blokart Comp: Chromolex & Stainless Steel

Mid-range Chromolex/Inox land yacht model with automatic seat clasp.
Chromolex is a high-performance alloy, the manufacturing cost of which is more stable than the galvanized steel of Blokart Sport.
It is an alloy, a mixture of Chrome and Molybdenum) used in armor but also used for high-end mountain bike frames of the time.

Recognize it:
- dark gray chassis
- gray seat
- rear bearing diameter 17mm
- seat locking by automatic clasp
- bungee slat retention kit

Our opinion: An excellent second-hand sand yacht, the Blokart Comp has a chromolex steel part that is more resistant to corrosion than the Sport model. These front parts and its seat are also made of stainless steel. It has the same fittings as the high-end models.

2017 End of Blokart Classic, Comp and Pro

To refocus the range and after 17 years of production and sale, Blokart Nz decides to concentrate its efforts on a top-of-the-range, all stainless steel foldable sand yacht chassis, the Blokart Pro v3


Sand yacht model that has become unique in the Blokart range thus redefined. It has welded reinforcements, particularly on the longitudinal member retaining pins.
It also features the new seat clasp system that clicks and unclips in a jiffy for even faster assembly.

Recognize it:
- all stainless steel frame
- chunky mesh seat
- rear bearing diameter 17mm
- seat locking by automatic clasp
- bungee slat retention kit

Our opinion: it is of course the ultimate choice if you find this kind of second-hand sand yacht...

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    Kit de 6 roulements à bille Inox (grosse roue avant)
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  4. Roue avant complète Blokart
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    Fourche avant complète occasion
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